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What is The String Thing you ask? It’s a cardboard and string patented invention that makes recycling a breeze.

One Full Year Supply – 52 String Things

Only $25.99

1/2 Year Supply – 26 String Things

Only $12.99

Free Shipping & Handling

Free Shipping

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Various Uses

Use it for tying up recycling, books, branches and more.

Great Price!

You'll wonder how you lived without it.

Recycling is easy

Anyone can use it.


The patented String Thing is easy to use and actually makes the tiresome chore of recycling a breeze. No more looking for scissors, cutting or tying knots.
By just using the String Thing once a week, you'll be recycling 1560 pounds of paper a year!


Many, many uses. Includes tying up various items such as newspapers, junk mail, sleeping bags, book bags, skis and anything else you can think of. <br>
Disclaimer: although the String thing is more fun than anyone should have recycling, it is not a toy and should be kept away from small children.

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Customers Reviews

The String Thing makes recycling so easy. I don't even have to remind everyone in the household to tie up our recycleables!
Marcy D.

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Mike Sendler